In May 1960, a Chinese team of climbers, Bang Woojo, Songlin, and Zebu, climbed the summit of Mount Everest via the northern Chinese route.However, there are no photos to prove it, so it is not recognized by other countries.Fifteen years later, China again recruits a climbing team for the actual survey, and an expedition team of more than 400 people goes through rigorous training and heads to Everest.
The trio from 15 years ago is reunited, but only Bang Woo-jo heads to the summit as the climbing leader, Song-rin takes overall command at the base camp as the vice-captain, and Je-bu remains as the support leader.
When the two summit attempts failed due to various difficulties and they had to withdraw, they took the last challenge at the suggestion of Shu Ying, the head of the weather team who came with them.What would they have been like?


Chinese Film


Lee Yan Cong


Wu Jing, Zhang Ziyi, Jackie Chan