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Make a Wondrous World, WESTWORLD

The Frontier Spirit

Founded in October 2018, WESTWORLD specializes in visual effects with first generation VFX supervisors in South Korea.

We cross the boundaries and overcome any limits with the frontier spirit, which constantly opens the new ways.

We are setting the standards of global VFX skills, as well as spreading the joy and delight all over the world by showing a new world that no one has seen before using the technology that was only possible in people’s imagination.

Artisanship of Technology

All the values of WESTWORLD start with people.

Communication with clients is our top priority.

We provide innovative technologies and the best fit solutions for every project.

We visualize even the realm of the impossible with the philosophy of artisanship - the philosophy responsible throughout from developing ideas in the scenario stage to creating details and post-production management.


Sweet Home


Cross the boundaries, opens the new ways


Cross the boundaries, opens the new ways

손승현 Daniel Son

  • Founder/CEO of WESTWORLD
  • Previously
  • CEO of Digitalidea Pictures
  • President of Digitalidea
  • Founder of Insightvisual studio


  • 2021 <The Silent Sea> Netflix Originals
  • 2020 <Hero> Korean Film
  • 2017 <Battleship Island> Korean Film
  • 2016 <The Age Of Shadows> Korean Film
  • 2015 <Dragon Blade> Chinese Film
  • 2014 <The Throne> Korean Film
  • 2014 <Lupin the 3rd> Japanese Film
  • 2013 <Ode to My Father> Korean Film
  • 2013 <The Face Reader> Korean Film
  • 2012 <Tower> Korean Film
  • 2011 <My Way> Korean Film
  • 2009 <Blade of Blood> Korean Film
  • 2008 <Modern Boy> Korean Film
  • 2005 <Typhoon> Korean Film
  • 2004 <TaeGukGi: The Brotherhood of War> Korean Film
  • 1998 <The Soul Guardians> Korean Film

and many more (over 150 projects in total)


  • 2017 1st Korean-Chinese Film Awards
  • 2015 52th DaeJongFilm Festival <Ode to My Father>
  • 2013 50th DaeJongFilm Festival <Tower>
  • 2008 29th Blue Dragon Film Awards <Modern Boy>
  • 2006 43rd DaeJongFilm Festival <Typhoon>
  • 2004 12th ChunSaFilm Festival <TaeGukGi: The Brotherhood of War>
  • 1998 19th Blue Dragon Film Awards <The Soul Guardians>

Render Farm Facility & LTO Data Archive

Our cutting-edge render farm facility such as HP+Dell render farm 21,760 core CPU, 170,496 core GPU farm is optimized for the massive crowd simulation, FX simulation and etc. We are archiving the data using the most secured Quantum LTO 8.


Creat a Wondrous Story


The Frontier Spirit